Module 1: Set Up Your Virtual Assistant Business

This module is where we lay the crucial foundation for your virtual assistant business.

From experience, a lot of virtual assistants are in a hurry to skip to the marketing without an ounce of preparation, in the hopes of signing a paying client as soon as they can. EVERY SINGLE TIME, without fail, they have had to retrace their steps to the first lessons in this module to get the results they seek.

I am appealing to you to follow the lessons and do the attached activities so that you can get the results you seek in the earliest possible time.

Do not start Module 2 if you have not completed Module 1 already. Make sure to print out the worksheets

Happy Learning.


Creating A Client Avatar

Brand Your Virtual Assistant Business

Introduction To Canva

Create Your Virtual Assistant Packages

Create Your Virtual Assistant Processes

Marketing Your Virtual Assistant Business

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